Cincinnati State's day care and preschool provides crucial service to parents pursuing a degree

CINCINNATI – The prospect of earning a college degree for Jasmine Furr, a 22-year-old mother of two children younger than 4, might have been a daunting one without nearby daycare – very near.

The College Hill resident enrolled Zaire Mills, 3, and Zakiyah Mills, seven months, in the William Mallory Early Learning Center at Cincinnati State, where she started pursuing an associate's degree in sonography this spring to become a sonogram machine technician.

"I love how they're hands on with the children," she said. "My son is an outdoors person, and he loves it because he gets to go outside during the day."

She and other students have the peace of mind of having their children nearby, too.

"It's very convenient for me. If I have a break between classes, I can visit, and there's no hassle dropping them off and picking them up," Furr said.

She is one of the lucky non-traditional college students who have a need for quality preschool that is affordable and nearby. It's a combination that's hard to find.

Insiders can read more about the unique, high quality daycare and all the services it offers adult learners.

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