Back to school season brings back debate over uniforms

CINCINNATI -- The first week of school is a chance for many kids to show off their new clothes, but now more and more districts are opting to just go with uniforms.

Several parents WCPO spoke with said they feel that going with school uniforms helps cut down on bullying or peer pressure, especially for students who can’t afford brand name clothes.

The North College Hill School Board voted in favor of a uniform policy when parents brought up the issue 13 years ago.

Gary Gellert took over as superintendent shortly before the uniform policy was put in place.

"When kids are in a uniformed dress code you can't tell socio economic status, it's less expensive for parents and I think it creates a more secure environment, if there is a stranger on our campus we see that immediately,” Gellert said.

Students in that district have three choices: red, white, or blue collared shirts -- with khaki or navy blue dress pants or shorts.

Gellert said parents continue to support the policy and that older students tend to fight it more than the younger kids.

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