What are Cincinnati police doing about downtown attack on 67-year-old woman?

Captain says he won't change policing strategy

CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati police captain in charge of downtown didn’t sound confident about catching the two men seen on video mugging an 67-year-old woman Wednesday morning.

"We don't even know their race at this point," Capt. Paul Broxterman said Thursday.

The woman fought off the man who choked her while attempting to steal her purse. The video of the attack presumably shocked a lot of people.

Or maybe not.

Broxterman himself said the video probably hurt the image of downtown safety.

"The perception is going to be that the downtown area is unsafe,"  Broxterman said.

But some women who work near Ruth Lyons Lane, where the attack happened, weren’t shaken up by it.

"Anywhere you go that's liable to happen," said Felicia Jeffries.

"I see police down here every day ... there's not enough of them to be everywhere at once ... you have to sort of be self-aware," Regina Snow said.

Self-defense expert Debbie Gardner shared their perspective.

"It's just the world we live in whether we like it or not," Gardner said.

Broxterman said violent crimes downtown are about the same as in 2012, but in the past month they have fallen 50 percent.

He believes this attack was an isolated incident and said he is not going to change his policing strategy.

“Not really, no. We're still out there. We're on our Segways, we're on our bikes, we're doing the walking patrols," Broxterman said.

Gardner, the self-defense expert, said it’s up to women to protect themselves.

"The days of dialing 911 to be saved by someone else is over," Gardner said. "We must save ourselves.”

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