Man accused of striking officer with vehicle at outlet mall found guilty

MONROE, Ohio - A man charged with striking a police officer with his car at the Premium Mall Outlet was convicted Friday on two of three counts against him.

Jamarcus Brown was found guilty of failure to comply with an officer and assault. He was found not guilty of felonious assault.

A police officer testified Thursday that Brown struck him with a car and tried to run him down at the busy outlet mall parking lot last summer.

Monroe officer Chad Caudill referred to the car as a weapon while Brown looked on in disagreement with the officer’s testimony.

“All I know is it accelerated, I went up on the hood and it was still accelerating,” Caudill testified.

Police say Caudill then fired two shots into the vehicle, one hitting Brown in the leg.

The Monroe police officer faced scrutiny from Brown’s attorney.

"So your gun is drawn. At any point in time did you say, ‘Let me shoot out the tire?’” she asked.

“No, we have a policy against shooting a vehicle to disable it," Caudill replied.

The incident happened in August after Brown was questioned for stealing from the Sunglass Hut. Police say Brown ran and then jumped into his car.

"No, it didn't move until I was in front of it,” Caudill said.

“Oh, your testimony is the car did not move until you were in front of it?“ Brown’s attorney asked.

“Correct," Caudill replied.

Caudill said he didn’t know how fast Brown’s car was traveling when it hit him.

The outlet mall was busy that day. When bullets started flying, there were shoppers nearby. Some of them took the stand Thursday.

"When I turned around, I just (saw) him lying on the ground and I heard him tell him, ‘I'm hit,  I'm hit,’” one shopper said.

Brown will be sentenced Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 9:15 a.m.

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