Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati not adding to neighborhood crime, police data shows

Six less non-casino crimes reported in area

CINCINNATI – When the 100,000 square-foot Horseshoe Casino opened last year, some officials and residents dreaded the gambling center would lead to a sharp uptick in crime, namely prostitution, theft and drunken driving.

But Cincinnati Police crime data collected from the area around the casino show only 73 casino-related offenses since the gaming center opened in March 2013. Without including casino-related crime, the number of offenses declined in the area compared to the year before the casino opened — mirroring a drop in crime nationwide.

“When there’s talk of a casino coming to town a lot of people say, ‘No, not in our town. We don’t want the prostitution, the illegal drug activity, we don’t want the major crime,’” said Central Business Section Capt. Paul Broxterman. “Well, that just hasn’t happened here.”

From March 2012 to March 2013, the year prior to the casino opening, there were a total of 38 crimes reported in the area surrounding the casino. Eggleston Avenue bounds the area to the west, Reading Road to the north, Elsinore Place to the east and Gilbert Avenue to the south. In the last year since it opened, there were a total of 32 non-casino related crimes reported.

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