Henry Dove: 76-year-old charged with raping 2 girls

CINCINNATI -- A 76-year-old man suspected of performing oral sex with two girls younger than the age of 10 was indicted Friday.

Police say Henry Dove, of Reading, had sexual contact with the girls on two separate dates in April and is charged with six counts of rape.

Dove is currently jailed in Butler County on child pornography charges stemming from a federal investigation that started in February.

After a search warrant was executed in May at Dove's residence, he admitted that approximately 40 percent of the pornography on his computer was child pornography, according to court documents.

He also told investigators he had received and performed oral sex on the two girls and admitted to sexually molesting both children.

Investigators say the first two crimes with one of the girls happened on April 15.

Four other sexually based crimes with both girls took place on April 30, according to court documents.



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