College Preparatory Academy: New audit claims more misspending by Lisa Hamm, Stephanie Millard

Fired superintendent, treasurer go on trial in May

CINCINNATI – A new special state audit has found more illicit spending by two former officials of the Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy downtown, according to Auditor of State Dave Yost.

Superintendent Lisa Hamm and treasurer Stephanie Millard, both accused of misspending almost $520,000 on unauthorized perks for themselves, staff and students between July 1, 2006 and May 31, 2010 , hit up taxpayers for another $37,604 in the year ending June 30, 2011, a second audit found.

The second audit accuses Hamm of using CCPA credit cards to pay unauthorized charges for an Hawaiian trip, helicopter tour and sightseeing boat, along with:
➢ Wahoo Zip Lines, Gatlinburg, Tenn.;
➢ Brio Newport and Benihana Steak House;
➢ Cirque du Soleil, (for a Pirates-Cubs game), the Aronoff Center and AMC Newport.

The total included $13,212 for staff and student expenses, $9,806 for entertainment, $5,551 for meals and more, according to the audit.

A finding for recovery was issued holding both Hamm and Millard jointly and severally liable for the $37,604.

The audit also identified three salary overpayments for staff members totaling $7,806, including $5,275 for principal Guyton Mathews.

Findings for recovery were issued against each staff member, and Millard is held jointly and severally liable for the full amount.

Hamm, 46, and Millard, 52, indicted and fired last year, are scheduled for trial May 27 on 26 charges of theft in office, unauthorized use of property, tampering with evidence and tampering with records that came out of the first audit in 2013.

The two spent more than $148,000 in school funds on trips for their personal benefit, the first audit said.

They spent tens of thousands more on Bengals and concert tickets, expensive meals, Christmas bonuses and gifts for staff, and other improper uses, the first audit said.

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