Brittany Stykes: Slain mom 'got involved with the wrong group,' grand jury witness says

Samantha Grubbs had baby with Brittany's husband

GEORGETOWN, Ohio – A woman who had a baby with Brittany Stykes' husband said the young mother shot to death in her Jeep in Brown County last August “got involved with the wrong group of people."

Samantha Grubbs, who had a son with Shane Stykes before he married Brittany, talked to 9 On Your Side I-Team reporter Jason Law Wednesday morning after she was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury in Brittany's killing.  

Investigators at the Brown County Sheriff's Office, who have been frustrated in their probe into Brittany’s slaying and the shooting of her 16-month-old daughter, said Grubbs had not made herself available for questions before her grand jury appearance.

Speaking briefly outside the prosecutor's office, Grubbs said this about Stykes:

"I think that when you're young -- I'm not saying she's young and dumb -- you tend to not see the whole story. I think she just got involved with the wrong group of people."

Here is more of Law’s interview with Grubbs:

LAW: "Investigators, I know, made several attempts to talk to you. Is there any reason you didn't make yourself available?"

GRUBBS: "I can't explain that to you guys.”

LAW: "Do you have any idea what happened to Brittany Stykes?"

GRUBBS: "I have no idea. I hope that they find out who did this so not only can I feel safe, but my son can feel safe, too."

Grubbs shares custody of her son with Shane Stykes and knows Brittany's family. 

Brittany’s mother, Mary Dodson, responded to Grubbs' comment by saying:  "My daughter's crowd consisted of her mom and dad and her brothers and sisters."

Dodson said it's frustrating when people do not cooperate with police in their investigation.

“You know, it doesn't make sense. If you know something, or if you're asked, we'd appreciate if everybody that's asked or knows something to come in and answer a few questions," Dodson said.

Brown County investigators subpoenaed two other people to testify Wednesday morning and said there was progress.

It's unclear if anyone else will be subpoenaed. 

Brittany Stykes was found shot to death inside her Jeep off of Route 68 on the night of Aug. 28. 

Her daughter, Aubree, who was shot in the head, is recovering after multiple operations.

No arrests have been made.

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