'Boredom beating' twins avoid jail time in separate assault case

CINCINNATI -- The teenage twins sentenced for their part in the North College Hill "boredom beating" case avoided jail time Friday for another assault charge.

The twins, both 14, pleaded not guilty to charges they beat a student outside Aiken High School on the night before their sentencing in another assault case.

The charges were dropped against the twins this Friday because the student's family did not want to put him through testifying, officials said.

In 2012, the twins were accused along with four other boys of beating Pat Mahaney as he walked home from a store in North College Hill. At the time, they said they did it because they were bored. They were charged with felonious assault and aggravated riot.

Earlier in February, First District Court of Appeals Judge Sylvia Hendon sentenced the teens to probation and ordered them to Rite of Passage, a reform school run by a private company in the former Hillcrest facility.

If they mess up there, they will have to serve one year at the Department of Youth Services - juvenile prison.


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