The Twitter IPO has us wondering: What does Twitter mean to you?

CINCINNATI - On Thursday morning Twitter staged a New York Stock Exchange takeover. The hallowed financial halls were bedecked with images of the now iconic blue bird as shares of the micro-blogging started trading.

Recently a Washington Post article discussed Cincinnati as the place where many Twitter trends are born --based on a study from researchers at Indiana University. While the reasons offered for Cincinnati's role in trending topics are debatable, it's hard to miss the presence of Twitter in the Tri-State.

Four local Tweeps: What does Twitter mean to you?

Lisa Braun @lbraun   Digital Media Director for Cincinnati Reds, Braun steers social media for the team. With more than 6,400 followers, Braun joined Twitter in 2009. 

"Twitter is my place to connect, inform, learn, share, encourage, relate, sympathize, empathize and see good in the world."

Kevin Dugan  @prblog  One of the first people in the region to Tweet, Dugan is a veteran marketer  who now works for Empower MediaMarketing.  Dugan started his account in 2007, just after Twitter came into existence. With more than 23,500 Twitter followers, Dugan ranks in the top ten for local Twitter accounts.

"Twitter's indispensable: a powerful online utility helping me connect directly w/ people, participating in communities and getting my news."

Debba Haupert @Girlfriendology  The popular blog "Girlfriendology" has more than 31,000 followers. Haupert also joined Twitter in 2007.

"Twitter means I can connect w a new/old friend instantly/quickly. It lets me share my blog w thousands. It can brighten my day in 140 char!"

Jeff Ruby @TheRealJeffRuby  The restaurateur behind Precinct, Jeff Ruby Steakhouse and other eateries has a definite Twitter style: quirky and eccentric. Ruby has more than 12,500 followers.

Three local Tweeps to follow

Krista Neher @kristaneher . With more than 14,000 followers. Neher is an author and CEO of Boot Camp Digital. 

Santa Ono @prezono  As an academic, the president of the University of Cincinnati may be an unlikely Twitter star, but the Tri-State loves him. One has more than 23,600 followers and is known for sharing UC news as well as personal quips and observations.

Brandon Phillips @DatDudeBP  The second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds has more than 726,000 followers. He's got a distinct Twitter voice.

So  what about that Washington Post article anyway?

Dugan's boss at Empower, Jim Price said Cincinnati's role as a Twitter trend-setter is "less about our similarities with other cities in starting Twitter trends and more about what sets us apart."

Price said Cincinnati is the consumer products and branding capital of the world.

"As a result, nowhere else is there a higher concentration of corporate marketers, and the industry that serves them.  As a result, most of the city¹s job is to track, in some fashion, what¹s new and what¹s next with consumers. We're finding out about trends first."

Other factors driving Cincinnati to the head of the Twitter trends pack, according to Price?

  • Our nationally-ranked startup scene.
  • We pass along our expertise to these startups and we get access to the latest marketing technology first. This technology continues to help us mine consumer insights.
  • Our geographic location does make us a bellwether for Middle America

You told us: Other local Tweeps weigh in

Kaitlin Mielnicki ‏@kmielnicki 
With #Twitter, I can get news on-the-go. Never have I been more connected to the goings on of the world around me.

SteveRamos ‏@steveramosmedia
Sharing via @twitter means never picking up the phone. Collaborate/Converse with creatives globally via DMs.

Carolyn Hartman ‏@c_hart26 3h
My journalism classes at NKU require a lot of Twitter activity. It has changed the world of informatics!

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