'Skyline rap' takes cheese coney love to the next level

CINCINNATI - “Well I was on my way to Skyline and it felt like the right time…”

Skyline time. We’ve all been there, and a group of workers at the Goshen location of the chili joint wanted to pay tribute to cheese coneys.

For these two Tri-Staters, it made sense to express their love through music.

Thus, “Skyline Rap” was born, a song and accompanying music video that’s received more than 2,900 views since being posted on YouTube March 15.

Best friends Josh Cockerham and Patrick Halcomb, 'JC' and 'P-Heezy' respectively, wrote the rap and showed it off to workers at the Goshen Skyline restaurant.

“They’re both musically inclined, they do music at their church,” said Kiley Collins, a worker at the Goshen Skyline location who posted the video to 9 On Your Side’s Facebook page. “They played it one day and we thought ‘We should make a video.’ So we stayed after close one day to make the video. It took like 30 minutes.”

The video features Cockerham and Halcomb in various parts of a Skyline restaurant being served by a waitress, played by Jessica Bennett. Halcomb works at the Skyline location.

You can watch the video here.

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