2014 kicks off with a Coinye vs. Kanye battle in the digital week in review

CINCINNATI - We’re back! Happy 2014! As the new year kicks off, there’s no shortage in digital drama, news and landmark moves. We’re rounding up some big talkers this week – check them out:

Coinye vs. Kanye – “Consumers are likely to mistakenly believe that Mr. West is the source of your services.” That’s how a cease and desist letter against Coinye, a new virtual currency, began.

Because what’s a Kanye West story without a little bit of drama? Read more about the Coinye battle in this BBC News story .

Snapchat says sorry – The beginning of the new year brought a Snapchat security breach, in which the user names and numbers of countless Snapchat users were compromised; and this week, the company apologized and released an upgrade to fix the breach. Mashable has the full story: check it out .

Polar Selfies – Say it with me: “Polar. Vortex.” C’mon…it was the phrase on everyone’s lips this week, as the nation experienced below-average (and in many, many places, below FREEZING) temperatures. But you think sub-zero temps are going to stop the selfie ? Heck no! If anything, this was a challenge selfie fans met with perfectly-posed, outstretched arms.

‘Confide’ in your coworkers – Let’s be honest: You’re probably not going to send a Snapchat to your coworker. It’s…weird? It’s weird.

But that doesn’t mean business professionals don’t want an app like that. And they got it on Jan. 8 with the launch of the new “Snapchat for professionals” app, Confide.

Intrigued? Read about the app , created by a former AOL exec, and how the idea was born, on AdAge.com.

The eyewear of the future – the concept of Google Glass? Pretty cool. But these extra-terrestrial eyesores on your face? Hard pass.

But with the advent of these smart contacts , you could have the superhuman abilities like the ones Google Glass would give you, without the obvious frames.

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