5 Cincy causes ripe for protest

I've got to be honest. When the news hit that Greenpeace protesters were unfurling gigantic protest banners on the P&G building downtown, I felt a little pang of envy. I wished I had the resources to proclaim injustice in Cincinnati so loudly.

And then I remembered.


Let the protesting begin.

  1. Pete Rose banned from baseball

    There are more than a few Cincinnatians who would like to let this one fly.
    GABP Pete Rose Banner
  2. NFL Blackouts

    You hate them. I hate them. Everyone seems to despise the blackout rule...except the commissioners.
    PBS Blackout Banner
  3. The older-than-dirt Brent Spence Bridge

    Nowhere near enough money is coming from the feds. Would it really be so bad to shell out some change to feel safe and move at more than a crawl during rush hour?
    BSB Banner
  4. Frisch's switch from Coke to Pepsi

    Though my waitress still asks if "Pepsi is ok," next time I'm saying no.
    Frischs Banner
  5. The WCPO Paywall

    We hear you. While there seems to be a little confusion about what "Free Press" is, I'm not necessarily itching to protest this one (because I work here). For those who would like to unfurl a banner from our roof, this one's for you.
    Frischs Banner
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