Volunteer army: Cincinnati's secret weapon for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game

Addison, Chavez lead All Star organizing committee

CINCINNATI - Sharry Addison is a modern-day Cincinnatus.

Like the general for whom Cincinnati is named, a citizen soldier who left his farm to defend Rome against invaders in 458 B.C., Addison returns periodically to lead Cincinnati’s volunteer army.

She started with World Figure Skating Championships in 1983. And she led the charge for just about every major civic event since then, including the 1988 All Star Game, five Tall Stacks celebrations, the NCAA Women’s Final Four in 1997 and the World Choir Games in 2012.

Now, Addison is assuming the leadership mantel one more time, as co-chair of the organizing committee for the 2015 MLB All Star Game. Joining her is Melanie Chavez, a principal with Chavez Properties who is active in the Junior League of Cincinnati and serves on the finance committee of the Cincinnati Opera board.

“I agreed to do it if I could have a young co-chair,” Addison said. “She has corralled a lot of these new young professionals who’ve never done anything like this. I’m the wise old owl, the mentor and advisor, passing on the wealth we’ve accumulated over the years.”

The organizing committee will be in charge of hospitality and logistics for all events outside of Great American Ball Park and MLB Fan Fest at Duke Energy Center downtown. An estimated 2,500 volunteers will be needed for All Star week next year, including about 1,500 who will be directed by Major League Baseball.

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