Executive Pay 2013 Top 10 List: Highest paid executives

Former CEOs hold three of the top spots

Median pay for Cincinnati CEOs increased 12.5 percent to $2.6 million in 2013, in line with national trends. At most local companies, shareholders did much better than that.

Three CEOs who retired in 2013 made the top 10 highest paid bosses in 2013. They were Cincinnati Bill's Jack Cassidy with total compensation of $9.8 million, Kroger's David Dillion with total compensation of $12.8 million and Procter & Gamble's Bob McDonald with total compensation of nearly $16 million.

This list is part of WCPO's annual analysis of executive pay that totaled $320 million in cash and stock awards in 2013 to 166 executives of 33 Tri-State public companies. 

Insiders can see who else made the list, how much their bosses made and can search our interactive database that breaks all the numbers down —including how much the bosses made compared to the average worker in the same field.

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