Cincinnati bosses enjoyed healthy raises in 2013, reflecting national trends

Shareholder return exceeded CEO raises, mostly

WCPO's annual executive compensation analysis lets you explore the pay practices of 33 Cincinnati-based, publicly-traded companies.

More than $320 million in cash and stock awards can be found in our interactive database that analyzed 2013 pay data of 166 Tri-State executives.

A summary of this year's findings includes:

  •   The average Cincinnati CEO made $4.2 million in 2013, or 91.5 times the average worker salary of $45,510, according to figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics.
  •   A total of 92 bosses - not just CEOs - made at least $1 million in 2013. That's up from 91 last year.
  •   Sixteen Executives made more than $5 million in total compensation, down from 19 last year.


    WCPO Insiders can find out what Cincinnati company was a paycheck renegade in 2013, which bosses - by name - made the most money last year and what local companies returned the greatest return for its shareholders - including which local 15 companies did better than the S & P 500. All that information is in our searchable, interactive database.

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