9 Q&A: Roadtrippers aims to make your journey even better with fun, utility and free tools

CINCINNATI - There's a good reason the Tri-State has a reputation for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship: Resources, support and a culture of innovation around creativity and branding.

Each Monday WCPO contributor Feoshia Davis introduces a company that lives up to the Tri-State's entrepreneurial spirit.

Founded in 2011, the Cincinnati-based as grown by combining a suite of high-tech web features to enhance a most beloved form of long distance travel: The road trip.

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So what's Roadtrippers up to these days? According to the "About" section at Roadtrippers.com, "European road trips, Australian road trips, and other countries are coming soon"

9 Questions for Chelsea Koglmeier, Operations Manager

1. What is the "big vision" of Roadtrippers as a business model?

Roadtrippers is a travel planning platform that brings together the tools needed to plan a road trip, while helping travelers discover authentic, local places everywhere they go. Before we built the platform, there was nothing that effectively married navigationally-centric, trip planning with local discovery. We’re building Roadtrippers to fill that need.

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