9 Q&A: Ready for next stop on startup journey, Off Track Planet CEO says travel should be sexy, easy

There's a good reason the Tri-State has a reputation for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship: The region is home to a number of business incubators and plenty of smart, creative people to keep them busy.

Each Monday WCPO Contributor Feoshia Davis talks with local start-up and entrepreneurial all stars. 

Off Track Planet has a cheeky, fun and amorous outlook at travel, co-founder Freddie Pikovsky says. Started as a blog in 2009, the multimedia platform now reaches millions of readers through its print and digital travel content.

Aimed at the young, budget conscious and independent traveler, OTP's website is undergoing a major revamp, set for Beta launch this Spring.

Q&A WITH Off Track Planet co-founder and CEO Freddie Pikovsky

1. How did you get the idea for Off Track Planet?

When I came back from my first backpacking trip, I was sick with the travel bug and couldn't do anything but think about my next trip. I realized after spending hundreds of hours searching for inspiration online, there was really nothing out there for young, budget travelers to call their own. Along with my co-founder, Anna Starostinetskaya, we saw an opportunity to invent it.

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