9 Q&A: Petbrosia provides customized food blends designed to help your pet maintain a healthy weight

CINCINNATI - After battling his pets' weight problems, with unsatisfactory results, Keith Johnson started a company based on customized nutrition for four-legged friends trying to battle the bulge.

Based in Cincinnati, Petbrosia  is a line of dog and cat food developed by company veterinarians and nutrition engineers. It is formulated for individual pets and evolves as dogs and cats age. Customers purchase the customized pet food blends online.

9 questions for Petbrosia founder Keith Johnson

1. Why did you create the Petbrosia company?

My wife and I saved Mickey and Rosie, Jack Russell-Beagle mixes, from a kill shelter a few years ago. Brother and sister, we noticed that Mickey took on weight and Rosie was too thin. My wife, being a vet, always tried to get Rosie to eat more, and Mickey to eat less. From my industry experience, I knew that pets fed to their ideal body condition could live up to 2 years longer!

Instead of just controlling the amount of food, I realized there could be a better way by creating custom blends with the right levels of proteins, fats, and carbs. Just like we do in our own diets! With a unique background in both marketing and engineering I knew what consumers ultimately want for pets and how to create a product and process to deliver it.

2. What sets Petbrosia food apart from other brands?

Petbrosia is the first and only pet nutrition that is designed for each individual pet. By providing us a little bit of information, we can use our algorithms to determine a custom blend of food, and specific feeding guidelines for your dog or cat. We even include information with a picture of your dog or cat in their box! There will be some neat technology coming out over the next year, and Petbrosia has the ability to be integrated with them for a total heal

3. Is Petbrosia a subscription service?

We encourage consumers to sign up for auto-replenishment, and offer a “Petbrosia Gold” program, which provides access to our expert resources and deals from partner companies. With automatic replenishment, consecutive shipments will be automatically adjusted to the target nutritional profile of the maturing pet. This is the first food that actually grows with a pet!

4. Why do people turn to Petbrosia?

People who understand that one-size-fits-all products may not meet the needs of their pet are often the ones that turn to Petbrosia. We are the first that customizes a diet based on the body condition of the pet, which is great for when you are trying to slim-down your pet. As over half of the pets in the U.S. are overweight or obese, the Petbrosia Nutrition System is a great solution. Petbrosia has changed their pet’s life.

5. How do you create blends for customers? What pet factors do you consider?

We have proprietary algorithms that have been developed by our own veterinarians and nutrition engineers to identify the target needs of the pet. The key factors that we take into account are the breed, age, weight, activity level, and the pet’s current body condition. We also look at if the pet is spayed/neutered/pregnant/lactating and the length of their coat (for cats).

6. How did you develop your formulas, who did you work with?

We have a nutritionist and Ph.D veterinarian with extensive experience in creating breakthrough nutrition.

7. Where is the food made? Do you work with another company to produce it?

Petbrosia is made in the heartland of the USA, with natural ingredients coming from the U.S. We use fresh, free-run, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken as the first ingredient, and have no corn, wheat, soy, or by-product meals. We think this is important, and recommend that pet parents really understand what is in the food they are feeding.

8. Do you recommend pets slowly transition into Petbrosia from their previous food?

We always recommend a transition over a week to 10 days and show how to do this on our website. We find this to be important especially as a consumer is “stepping up” the quality of food they are feeding.

9. What's next for Petbrosia?

As awareness of Petbrosia is growing across the US, we are scaling up our infrastructure to handle the demand. We plan to launch our salmon line-up in early spring, and will be adding new products in the summer. 

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