9 Q&A: How Cincinnati startup storeFlix helps companies improve their view of business activities

CINCINNATI - A picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

Cincinnati startup storeFlix  is harnessing the power of visuals with a new web-based platform for the consumer packaged goods industry. The company is helping these business get a visual perspective on the execution of their in-the-field sales plans.

9 Questions for storeFlix Chief Executive Officer Louis Goldner

1. How did you get the idea for storeFlix?
The founder of storeFlix knew from his years in sales management roles that spending time filling out and reviewing forms to track and improve retail effectiveness was ineffective and inadequate. He realized that visuals were needed to tell the complete story and that the process should be faster.

The company was started with one premise in mind: There has to be a better way to capture retail information at retail. We went about inventing that better way, putting to use our experience to modernize and streamline the process. Technology now replaces reams of paper and mobile devices make coordination and photo storage a snap.

2. Who are your target clients? Large brands? Retailers? Franchise owners?
Today our clients are primarily businesses in the consumer packaged goods space. This includes manufacturers, brokers, retailers and distributors, but the value of storeFlix is applicable throughout the supply chain.

Companies who understand the benefits of literally seeing and verifying retail initiatives in real time use storeFlix. They value the distinct advantages of multimedia information to optimize sales and marketing efforts in the field. Businesses in the hospitality, insurance, and franchise industries have also expressed interest our service.

3. What are the main features of storeFlix?
storeFlix is a real-time visual retail management platform that allows clients to see, share, and optimize results in the field. Our easy-to-use application runs on mobile devices and enables users to quickly capture information—including pictures, videos, audio and survey data. These elements are instantly and automatically integrated and delivered to a secure online environment. The results are easy to find, view, and share according to our client’s specifications.

4. How can storeFlix help companies in a new and different way?
We help our clients see their brands and products in the real world. Numbers alone can’t tell the complete story when managing retail execution. Visuals are critical and storeFlix fills that requirement by providing real-time, live reporting that goes beyond numbers into pictures and videos.

Many companies miss out on the power of visual information because of perceived challenges: data collection and organization, huge file sizes, email overflow, storage concerns, file management, etc. We built our service from the ground up to solve all of those problems. Our clients are gaining insights, sharing information, and building their businesses in ways they have never done before because storeFlix makes possible 100% visual insight and visual accountability. It’s simple, fast, and powerful.

5. Who (or what group of people) in a company would use storeFlix?
Many functions within an organization benefit from the information available through storeFlix. Sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing, field reps, regional managers, store managers - these roles and more are focused on optimizing the “first moment of truth” when a shopper first interacts with a product in-store. How successful are the company’s strategies, plans, and execution to that point? storeFlix helps to answer that question with real-time reporting and visual verification for all stakeholders.

6. Why was it important to add the social media component to storeFlix?
The social media component allows teams to use pictures and videos as a center point for discussion. It provides a tool to foster collaboration where groups can rally around best practices and issues based on visual information. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

7. How are the images generated that the client uses to make decisions? Is it labor intensive?
The ability to capture photos and videos is integrated into every aspect of the storeFlix application. Simply press the ubiquitous camera icon and visuals are generated at any or every step of the process. Within seconds, both still pictures and moving images are automatically uploaded and integrated with the rest of the in-store information.

8. Where is storeFlix in the development process? Do you have clients using the platform now?
We’ve been in-market for about a year and users of the service love what we do. storeFlix has become a mission-critical application for our growing list of clients who recognize the benefits of our Software as a

Service (Saas) based subscription model. We can have a new client up and running in a week. storeFlix clients are enjoying their competitive advantage over companies without this capability.

We are continually adding new features and benefits to fill the needs of current and prospective clients - all the while accelerating client’s decision making ability and improving their internal and external collaboration. 

9. What's next for storeFlix?
We are focused on continuing to help our clients keep their eyes on their business--in real time, in real locations, in the real world. While we are best-known in the packaged goods space for now, ultimately we plan to help other industries benefit from increased use of visual information to grow their business. 

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