Yik Yak: New app stirs up trouble in U.S. high schools

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Just when parents think they have the online activities of their children figured out, a new app is released that changes the game.

First it was Snapchat, where pictures disappear after 10 seconds, so there’s no trace for mom and dad to follow. Now, there's a new texting smartphone app called Yik Yak.

Yik Yak takes the functionality of Snapchat to a new level.

The free app is location-based and creates an anonymous social chat room where up to 500 nearby users connect through GPS tracking on their phones.

According to CNN , the app was made for college-age users or above as a virtual bulletin board, but thousands of younger users are signing up.

CNN reports teens in schools around the nation have used the free app for cyberbullying. Others have made anonymous bomb threats that have led to school lockdowns.

Some students have compared Yik Yak to a virtual bathroom wall where users post hateful comments.

To read more about Yik Yak, click here.


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