What not to buy a college student

Don't Waste Your Money

Most college students are back in school. But before you send them that item on their "must have" list, consumer experts say there are some things you should never buy.

Thinking about sending your college student to school with an ironing board? Chances are he or she is going to use it as a clothes hanger, not for ironing.

The website dealnews.com lists several items you may not want to ship to a college student:

1) A printer: You'll pay hundreds of dollars for ink cartridges -- so other students can use the printer. But colleges provide cheap printing.

2) Expensive bed sheets: They will never get changed, and will have food stains on them in a week.

3) An iron: It will be used only to cook grilled cheese sandwiches, if at all.

4) A high-end, expensive laptop: A $500 laptop is fine. Expensive laptops end up stolen or dropped.

5) And the top thing students don’t need: An iPad.

Dealnews.com says even a bargain basement laptop can handle school tasks better than a tablet.

Editing a term paper on a tablet? You may say, "Doesn't that stink?"

Remember: A smartphone will do pretty much everything a tablet will do.

Bottom line: Assume anything a college student takes to a dorm room or apartment will not last more than a couple of years.

College life takes a toll on everything. Keep it simple so you don’t waste your money.


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