VIDEO: Watch thieves install ATM skimmers

Don't Waste Your Money

You've heard about card skimmers, those sneaky devices thieves place on ATM's to steal your card number.

But you've probably never seen the crooks installing them.

Viral Video Shows Crooks in Action

A Virginia credit union, Navy Federal Credit Union, has just released security camera footage to show how easily crooks can  install a skimmer on your ATM.

They look like average guys, and don't attract any attention as they appear to make a withdrawal. But they slap a skimmer on the machine, that reads your bank card when you put it in.

That's what happened to Roseann Herman of Northern Kentucky last summer.

"I went to get money out and it turns out that three hours later someone else got money out," she said.

Police told us they believe her ATM had a skimmer on it that was very hard to notice.

They say when you pass your ATM card in and withdraw it, a chip in there records the information off your magnetic stripe.  

Skimming Reported Nationwide

Skimming has been confirmed all over the country, including at the Kemba Credit Union in Sharonville, Ohio last year and several gas stations this spring in Dayton, Ohio.

So Consumer Reports Magazine says everyone should know the warning signs of a skimmer on ATM's and gas pumps.

  • Something looks added on
  • You see some loose parts
  • Parts appear to be out of place.


Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati's largest bank, told us it does not see a major problem with skimmers here in the Tri-State region.

But a spokeswoman says be especially careful and suspicious at free standing ATM's in busy areas like outdoor shopping centers.

And check your statement frequently so you don't waste your money.


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