Thousands upset with IKEA product change

Don't Waste Your Money

Thousands of people are so upset with IKEA over a planned change, they have started a Facebook page to try to get the furniture mega store to reconsider a decision.

IKEA announced this week it is discontinuing its "Expedit" line of square, stackable shelving units.

But it never expected such outrage.

The shelves are popular with college students, book lovers and people with vinyl record collectors. Record collectors say no other shelving unit made holds old vinyl LP's so perfectly.

IKEA, though, is telling those record lovers to toss on a Pink Floyd album and "chill out."

It says there will be a newer version that will be more child-friendly with rounded edges, and less likely to tip over without a wall bracket.

Angry Fans Start Facebook Pages

But more than 20,000 people have now "Liked" a German Facebook page to save the Expedite. They say it should sell both the new version and the old version, for folks who still want their vinyl LP shelves.

A similar American page that just started has almost 2,000 "Likes."

The good news: IKEA stores and its website will still sell Expedit shelves for two more months, according to IKEA, so that Jackson Browne and Eagles fans can "take it easy," and buy one more shelf for old times' sake.

Whatever you purchase, don't waste your money.


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