Stores putting cameras, locks on Liquid Tide

Don't Waste Your Money

A year after Walgreens started locking up Liquid Tide detergent, grocery giant Kroger is taking another approach to stopping theft of the laundry soap.

Some Kroger stores are now pointing cameras at their Tide shelves, and placing signs on the shelf saying "Smile for the Camera!"

Viewers report seeing these signs in the Ft Thomas, KY Kroger store, as well as some other stores in Northern Kentucky.

However, a Kroger corporate spokeswoman told us that stores should not be putting up signs like these, as they are not the type of image the store likes to project.

Nationwide Trend

Walgreens confirmed to last year that it is now putting alarms on its Tide detergent in stores with high theft rates, after too many bottles walked out the door in recent months.

It has become commonplace now to lock up Liquid Tide in major cities like New York and Chicago.

"Liquid Gold"

Police are now calling Liquid Tide "liquid gold," after thieves have made the popular red jugs a new form of currency in the drug world.

Criminals exchange liquid Tide for heroin, crack cocaine, or marijuana, according to police, with a 150 ounce jug bringing in $10 worth of illegal drugs.

Some stores in major cities have been losing as much as $10,000 of liquid Tide each month to thieves.

Why Tide?

Tide is a premium detergent, and commands the highest prices, so it's a great replacement for cash.

This way, no cash changes hands, so there is no "drug money." Also, Tide bottles have no serial number, like cash, so it cannot be tracked back to a particular store or bank.

So be prepared to wait a bit longer if you want Liquid Tide at some stores, so you don't waste your money.


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