Simple, free way to stop unwanted catalogs

Don't Waste Your Money

Do you get unwanted catalogs in the mail?

There's now a free way to stop all catalogs you no longer want, and it doesn't require you to spend a half hour on the phone.

Why so Many Catalogs?

We may be living in the digital age. But Libby Singhofer and Pat Lye wonder why mail order companies still act like it's 1999, flooding them with catalogs.

"They keep showing up," Singhofer said. "Even if I move they keep showing up, they seem to follow me for some reason!"

"I wish I could have some of them stopped," Lye said. "I wish I could be selective about it."

Restoration Hardware Complaints

But there's one catalog in particular that's generating the most outcry, because of the sheer volume of paper that shows up in your mailbox.

Sara Connelly could not believe the virtual boat anchor she recently received from Restoration Hardware.

"I was appalled," she said.

The 2014 mailing is a 13 volume set, with more than 3,000 pages.

And when she placed it on her bathroom scale, she said it clocked in at almost 18 pounds.

Restoration Hardware's annual mailing -- its biggest ever -- is under fire on social media.

The company says it's designed to be a coffee table book, is from sustainable forests, and is more efficient than mailing 12 separate catalogs every year.

But many still call it a waste.

Connelly said, "Why waste that much paper? Why spend the money to ship it? We haven't bought from there in years."

What You Can Do

Unwanted catalogs? You can call each one and ask to be removed.

But an easier way is to go to the Catalog Choice website, at

The free industry-supported site, officially known as TrustedID, lets you opt out of whatever catalogs you no longer want, all in one easy step.

It formerly charged a small fee, but in the past year dropped all charges.

By the way, Restoration Hardware stores are accepting catalogs for recycling if you don't want them, and don't mind carrying them to the store.

As always don't waste your money.


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