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Don't Waste Your Money

Many people have asked "what happened to the Don't Waste Your Money weekly newsletter that used to be a part of your old website?"

I really appreciate the continued interest. 

So thanks to demand from viewers and readers, we have re-launched the Don't Waste Your Money newsletter.

Here are some fun facts that I hope will convince you to sign up:

       -It's now a twice-a-week newsletter to your email inbox. Double the pleasure, double the fun.

       -It's free.  Need I say more?  The newsletter, and all stories it connects to, are completely free to read and share.

       -You will get highlights of my 4 or 5 most recent consumer alerts, stories you should know about that you may have missed on TV or online. Heck, even I don't catch all my stories.  ("Hey, I did that report? Who knew?")

     -I won't share your name or email with outside parties.

What if I Already Subscribe?

No need to re-subscribe, we have your email already. 

But hey, maybe Mom wants a copy.

Two Ways to Sign Up

To subscribe, go to the Don't Waste Your Money webpage , and look for the signup link on the right.

Or go to the Newsletter page, and click for the DWYM newsletter (and any others you might be interested in).  That signup page includes all the fine print that some people always want to know about, and that I always suggest you should read before agreeing to anything.

But trust me, it's helpful information, and you won't waste your money.


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