Netflix wants to pay people to watch its movies

Do you struggle to get out of bed every morning, get dressed, and head to work?

If so, this may be the job for you: get paid to watch Netflix movies!

Netflix is advertising (OK, the ad is in England for now) to hire people to be "taggers," the coveted job of watching Netflix shows and then "tagging them" for other viewers.

What the Job Entails

The tagging process is what creates Netflix's recommended list, such as "Since you liked Happy Gilmore, you might also like these movies...."

The recommendations are not standard: the company says it uses "advanced algorithms" based on a persons's viewing habits to recommend other movies that will appeal to their taste.

Taggers use a pool of 1,000 words to best describe a show or movie.

But this is not an easy job to land:  Netflix has only 40 paid taggers, even though it has 50 million subscribers.

Few Openings Right Now

The current job openings are in England, though most of its taggers are based in California.

A Netflix vice-president did an interview with about the job, and how people can apply.

While it might get boring after a few years, watching movies in your PJ's sure beats sitting in morning rush hour traffic any day.

As always don't waste your money.


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