Netflix movies stink? New way to find the gems

Don't Waste Your Money

If you have Netflix, you love it for how easy it is to stream a movie any time of day.

But you probably hate how hard it is to find good movies on it.

Netflix's search feature is tough to use, and its recommended listings get old fast ("If you liked Happy Gilmore, you'll like these other Adam Sandler movies....")

So enter two services designed to make Netflix more user friendly, "A Better Queue," and "InstantWatcher."

New Way to Search

These two web-based services help you find the best of Netflix's streaming movies without having to enter title after title, hoping they have what you are looking for.

"A Better Queue" (that's spelled q-u-e-u-e, not "cue") lists movies by category, years, and ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.
That way you can avoid the bad movies that fill the Netflix list.

By saying "comedies and action movies with a 90% rating," you'll get only top rated comedies and action movies, not Tommy Boy.

Nothing against Chris Farley -- may he rest in peace -- but the problem with Netflix is that once you watch Tommy Boy on Netflix, you will be bombarded with suggestions for similar 90's comedies, or anything starring Chris Farley or David Spade.   

After your 3rd David Spade movie, you may say "doesn't that stink?"

"A Better Queue" provides a better alternative, until Netflix comes up with a better system.

Find New Releases Instantly

The other problem with Netflix is that it doesn't alert you to all its new releases, only a handful at a time (and mostly those that fit your profile.

So another site called "Instant Watcher" has daily updates on Netflix's newest releases, plus the most popular movies on the site of the past 24 hours.

By going to you can be among the first to find a new movie on the site, when other folks are still scrolling through the same stale recommendations.

Gotta go: Black Sheep is starting soon.

And as always, don't waste your money.


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