iPhones keep a secret log of everywhere you go

Don't Waste Your Money

What would you think if someone handed you a piece of paper that showed everywhere you went last week?

Imagine it showing what time you went there and for how long.

Is this some scary future? No, it's now....if you have an iPhone.

Phone Tracks Everywhere You Go

I had never met Jan Wagner until now.

But all I had to do was look at her iPhone to learn where she lives....where she works...and that she recently spent three hours at the zoo, until 5 pm on April 6.

"Ok, that's weird," she said. "That's a little too personal!"

It's a little known feature on Apple's new iOS-7 called "Frequent Locations."

And it's freaking people out when they learn about it.

Mary Ann Kennedy couldn't believe the personal addresses we found, saying if someone stole her iPhone "they would know where I go to church, where I work at, everything about me that to me is private. It's a little creepy," she said.

And God forbid you are having a secret affair with someone.

Apple says  it has added location services to iOS-7 to help users with traffic apps, or find nearby stores and coffee shops. Uh, OK.

It says the information is not shared. But you can block it.

What You Can Do

To turn off this Big Brother feature...

    -Go to Settings.

    -Click Privacy.

    -Click Location Services.

    -Scroll all the way down to "System Services" and click there.

    -Scroll down to" Frequent Locations."

    -If it's on, turn it off.    

The Business Insider has a report with detailed pictures of each step you need to do.

Max Bortz wishes Apple would tell users when they buy their phone.

"I didn't know it did that. It would be nice if they warned you it did that, or you could elect to have it on as to always having it on," he said.

The Bottom Line

If it creeps you out, turn it off.

If you are still on the old iOS 6 -- and have never upgraded to 7 -- you don't have this feature.

But with any smartphone, remember that its GPS features could keep a record of everywhere you go.

So don't go where you shouldn't, and don't waste your money.


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