iPad and Urban Active class action settlements

Don't Waste Your Money

CINCINNATI -- Two class action settlements could bring you some cash. 

But don't hold your breath waiting on a windfall, because in typical fashion, consumers will receive just a few dollars each.

First Generation iPad Settlement

Apple and AT&T are sending emails to owners of original iPads with data plans.  The email explains that you may be eligible for a $40 refund, plus a discount on your current data plan.

A class action suit claims first generation iPad owners with data were promised unlimited data in 2010, but then found their usage capped.

This settlement applies only to people who bought the original iPad with an AT&T data plan.  iPads with no data plan are not affected.

Click here for details and a link to the settlement page or go to www.3gdataplansettlement.com.

Urban Active Settlement

If you are among the thousands of people in Ohio and Kentucky who used to belong to the Urban Active health club, you could be getting some money back as well.

The chain of health clubs -- which has since been sold and renamed -- was hit with a class action lawsuit in 2011 for hidden fees.

The suit accused the club of charging extra for fitness classes that members had been told were part of their monthly plan.

On Sept. 30, 2013, the courts approved a proposed settlement, where members can receive an average of $20 in refunds.

You need to apply online to receive your check by Dec. 31, 2013.

Click here for a link to the settlement page, or go to www.urbanactivelawsuit.com.

But don't plan on buying a home or new car with the windfall. As always, don't waste your money.


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