Hate Starbucks price hike? Some other options

Don't Waste Your Money

Attention Starbucks addicts (you know who you are.)

The coffee giant has just raised prices, as much as 20 cents on some drinks.

So we talked with local Starbucks fans about how this might affect them, and found some other alternatives if the price is getting too high for your taste.

Independent shops resist hikes for now

One option, if Starbucks is becoming too "frothy" for your wallet, is to visit an independent shop.

At the Rohs Street Cafe, manager Keaton Neely was frothing up cappuccinos for an appreciative noontime crowd.

Like many locally-owned coffee shops, Rohs Street has been trying hard not to raise prices, despite soaring costs of coffee beans.

"We haven't raised our prices, not since I've been working here," he said. "Not in five years."

But down the street at Starbucks it was another story, where a Starbucks Grande will now take more of a grande bite out of your wallet.    

Customer Alexis Metz noticed it right away. "Sadly I have," she said. "It's gone up 15 cents or something and I think it's kind of ridiculous. I'm a college student."

How much more you will pay

The price increase mostly impacts drip coffees, though customers report price hikes on Frappuccinos at some locations. Here are the increases at most stores:

  • Tall: The price of a small coffee, called a Tall, is unchanged at $1.75 or $1.85 at most locations.
  • Grande: The price of a Grande has jumped 15 cents, from $1.95 to $2.10 at most Starbucks.    
  • Venti: The price of a Venti (extra large) is up in many locations from $2.25 to $2.35.

What you can do

The "bean" counters at Starbucks are not expecting much business loss: You either love Starbucks, or you don't.

The good news: Starbucks non-coffee drinks are not going up in price. So you won't see a change there.

And consider downsizing to a Tall: it's not going up in price, and you can buy a Tall every day for less than $2.

The other good news: No one is forcing you to order that double-pump-half-calf Starbucks latte: independent shops like Rohs Street Cafe would love to welcome you in.

One other option

Brewing Starbucks at home is a cheaper option for the next few weeks.

But Starbucks will raise the price of bagged supermarket coffee, a dollar a bag, starting next month.    

Till then, don't waste your money.


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