Get paid to click on ads. Really

Don't Waste Your Money

It's so frustrating to try to read a news report, or look up a product for sale, only to have ads popping up all over your screen.

You have to "x" them out to do anything. And occasionally they will lock up your screen.

But you might look at ads differently if you got paid to click on them.

A company is offering to pay people as much as 15 cents if they click on ads that appear on their computer.

Click and Earn Cash

The company is called Qmee (

Once you install their toolbar, you will be paid 4 to 15 cents through PayPal when you search for an item (shoes, electronics, etc), and you then click on a Qmee ad that pops up on your screen.

Why would they pay you? Simple: the money comes from the advertisers, hoping you will like the ad and eventually buy the product.

CNN/Money loaded the toolbar and tested the service. In its report, it says not that many search results resulted in "payable" ads.

CNN also cautions that you should not expect to make much money, saying that even a "heavy" Qmee user may not earn more than $200 in a year.

However, if you buy a lot of products online, and enjoy searching for items and comparing products, you may like getting paid for your search efforts.

And that way you don't waste your money.


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