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Don't Waste Your Money

The launch of the new iPhone 6 is just two weeks away, according to Reuters, CNN and several Mac blogs.

The 6 is expected to be an inch wider than the iPhone 5, and as a result could be the most successful phone launch in years, according to CNN/Money, due to pent-up demand among the Apple faithful for a bigger phone.

But if you are thinking of making the upgrade, You might want to take action soon, and not wait until the day after Apple's announcement.

The reason: if you wait until mid-September to trade in, you may not get much for your old phone.

Big Price Drop Expected

Phone re-seller Gazelle predicts values of the iPhone 5S and 5C will drop 20 percent right around the day of Apple's announcement, and will drop even more in the next month.

Currently, the iPhone 5S can fetch $250 at trade-in sites like Nextworth and Gazelle, but that will drop soon.

The Apple store has already lowered its trade in values, and while it's convenient, Apple will pay you less than trade-in sites.

Get a Quote Now

But the good news: You can lock in a guaranteed trade in price right now, before values plunge. Go to a site like Nextworth , Gazelle , uSell, or similar sites, and put in your information, getting a guaranteed trade-in price.

Gazelle says it will hold your price until October 10.

Then you simply hold on to your old phone until you get the new one.That way you don't waste your money.


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