Gas prices spiking in advance of winter storm

Don't Waste Your Money

Just when most drivers in the Cincinnati area were getting accustomed to paying around $3.45 for regular gas, the price at the pump is heading up even higher at some stations.

After a quiet winter at the gas pumps, with prices as low as $2.98 for a while in January, February prices have risen steadily: from $3.21 to $3.35 and $.3.49 through the third week of February.

Second Price Spike in a Week

But over the last weekend in February , the price of regular jumped to $3.59 at many CIncinnati area stations.

Now, days before a major winter storm is forecast to hit the area, some stations are moving up to $3.69 a gallon for regular, the highest price since last September.

As of Friday morning, Speedway, the area's largest fuel dealer, appeared to be resisting the latest jump so far. But we found Shell and Marathon stations from the Eastgate area to Colerain Township at $3.65 and $3.69.

Drivers in Butler County are still enjoying low prices for now, with many stations still at $3.25 or less.

Nationwide Trend

No fuel company will ever say if a forecast storm is causing a price hike, though prices often jump before storms or holiday weekend.

However, prices have been trending up nationwide for weeks, due to rising crude oil prices and anticipation of Spring demand.

AAA says gas prices typically rise 35 cents during the month of February, after hitting annual lows in January. This is all due to supply and demand:  very few people are on the roads in January, leading to low gasoline prices. 

Spring driving season starts in March, and with increased driving comes increased demand and higher prices.

As always, don't waste your money.


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