Delta Airlines website goes down...twice

Don't Waste Your Money

Remember back in the pre-Internet days, when you had to actually call an airline to book or check on a flight, and then wait on hold for 10 minutes or longer for an agent to pick up?

The 1980's returned Thursday for passengers of Delta Airlines, when its website, went down for more two hours beginning around Noon.

Travelers trying to book a flight, check their Skymiles, or print a boarding pass instead got a page saying "we've encountered an unexpected server issue. We hope to have you back online very soon."

The page then directed travelers to call the airline, as if it were 1986 again, and wait for an agent.

Delta Media Relations did not have any comment for, though a reservation agent told one of our callers that the website was down for "maintenance" and should be back up again in about an hour.

The website went live again at 2:45 p.m.  But at 6 p.m. it went down briefly for a second time.

It was a great reminder of how accustomed we have become to booking and confirming travel online, and how frustrating it used to be waiting to reach a representative to ask about flights.

As always, don't waste your money.


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