Cincinnati Bell Wireless customers waiting for answers

Don't Waste Your Money

Dale Miller is one of thousands of Tri Staters who have been loyal Cincinnati Bell "bundlers" for years.

"I've got the bundle....the Internet, my cellphone, my home phone," he said.

But Miller said he's now worried his great deal is about to disappear.

As reported last month, Cincinnati Bell is selling its wireless division to Verizon Wireless.

Confused About Future Cellphone Rates

That means one key part of Miller's bundle -- an inexpensive cellphone -- will be gone.

"My bill is going to come up another $40, at least another 40," he said, after looking at other plans.

He said he hoped Verizon would allow Bell cellphone customers to continue with their discounted rate.

"I thought maybe they were going to grandfather me with Verizon," he said.

But that appears very unlikely.

What You Should Do

Verizon won't comment yet.

Cincinnati Bell says it will continue to offer landline, Internet and TV bundles, but cellphones will no longer be a part of it.

However -- and this is another source of confusion -- you cannot switch service yet.

Cincinnati Bell will not unlock phones for regulatory and legal reasons, until the deal officially closes near the end of 2014.

So you should not try to change carriers yet, according to the company's vice president of wireless.

Mike Vanderwoude told WCPO on April 17, "right now until the transaction closes, contracts are in force. But once the transaction closes, there will be no termination fees."

That means, if you try to change your carrier now, you could face a termination fee as high as $150.

Cincinnati Bell has a section on its website dedicated to answering questions you may have about the Verizon sale.

But the bottom line is customers like Dale Miller, and many others, will have to wait to learn about their future wireless and bundle rates.

Cincinnati Bell says it will send customers a letter soon with more details on the sale, and exactly when they can change carriers without penalty.

Until then, don't waste your money.


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