Busken to discontinue heart-healthy donuts

Don't Waste Your Money

Well, that was quick.

Remember when Cincinnati's Busken Bakery launched its new low-calorie, heart-shaped donuts on Valentine's Day 2013? The rollout came with great fanfare. After all, it was a way for Tri-State donut lovers to enjoy Busken glazed donuts without any guilt.

The new donuts had less than half the calories and sugar of standard glazed donuts, due to a sugar substitute.  

And they were "heart shaped," to imply that they were heart-healthy.

Heart-Healthy No More

But it looks as though those low-cal. donuts are about to become history.

Busken's main office tells WCPO.com they are discontinuing specialty glazed donuts as of Oct. 13.

The bakery says it can no longer get a key ingredient from its supplier, which makes it impossible for them to continue baking the donuts with the current recipe.

Busken denies that slow sales had anything to do with the decision. However, some customers report that the heart-shaped donut shelf space appeared to get smaller and smaller over the past couple of months.

Maybe Cincinnati likes its Busken donuts just the way they've always been.

As always, don't waste your money.

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