Bengals game: $390 for a family of 4

Thinking of seeing a Cincinnati Bengals game at Paul Brown stadium this fall?

The good news: It will cost a lot less than some other NFL teams, and the price has not increased for 2013. 

The bad news: nothing about the National Football league is a bargain.

The Team Marketing Report (TM) has just released its annual list of the cost of seeing a pro football game. The marketing group looks at ticket prices, parking, as well as the cost of beer, food, soda pop, and other items.

Most, Least Expensive Teams

The teams with the highest ticket prices also tend to have the highest food and parking prices.

The Dallas Cowboys top the list as the priciest NFL team for 2013, with the average ticket price a whopping $113.

The Cleveland Browns have the lowest ticket prices, averaging just $54.

Good News for Bengals Fans

The good news for Cincinnati fans:  the Bengals are below average, with just a half dozen teams behind them in price.

The average ticket price for a Bengals game is $68, according to the Team Marketing Report.

Parking outside the stadium averages $26. (Of course, you can snag a free parking meter uptown if you arrive early)

A small beer or soft drink is just $5, lower than at many other stadiums.

However, even though the Bengals are at the low end of the spectrum, taking a family of 4 to a game will cost you $390, according to the report.

That assumes you pay for 4 seats, 2 beers, 2 soft drinks, 4 hot dogs, parking,  programs, and 2 ballcaps.(For some reason, they include caps in their comparison).

The price of a Bengals game is actually down 1.6% from 2012, which is amazing considering the average team will cost 3% more this year.

Still too high for your tastes? That's why NFL games are televised.  Or consider the Cincinnati Reds, where you can still score bleacher seats for less than $10 in the remaining home games this year.

As always, don't waste your money.


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