Bank charges couple's credit card more than 40 times during holiday shopping

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. - Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year. It’s also a good day to remind people about the importance of checking bank accounts.

One couple had quite a shock when they found two of their purchases were charged more than 40 times, overdrawing more than $4,000 from their account.

Kristi Edington just bought her granddaughter a tablet for Christmas.

“Normally I do a lot of Black Friday shopping and we have 10 grandkids so you get a lot of great deals those days,” she said.

But when she tried to use her card again, it was declined. Her husband Rodney went online and quickly found out why.

“One of the purchases at Walmart had been run through 19 times and the other purchase had been run through 22 times,” Rodney said.

Kristi had to wait two-and-a-half hours to fix the problem.

“The bank was packed, it was like there was a Black Friday sale going on at the bank,” she said.
Kristi said she still hasn’t gotten a full explanation.

“There has not been an e-mail, there has not been any notification,” she said.

The bank manually fixed the errors and they were not charged an overdraft fee, but the bank couldn't be reached for comment.

During the holiday season shoppers are out and so are cyber criminals. The FTC recommends you guard your information online.

Paying for online purchases with a credit card also has better guarantees under federal law than your debit card.

Lastly, monitor your bank and credit statements regularly. Unauthorized purchases are often the first time people realize their information has been stolen.

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