GMTS Newsletter: Halloween costumes perfect for rain

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I’m calling it: Halloween is darn near the perfect holiday.

It comes just as the weather breaks, the leaves fall and jackets come out of hibernation. Just as we’re tiring of grilled meats and craving hearty soups. It’s a kids’ holiday that appeals to adults, and it involves copious amounts of candy. Enough said.

And I love that even though Americans spend like a kajillion dollars every Halloween, the commercialism of Halloween hasn’t trickled down to the kids. There are no Halloween stockings to fill, no presents to wrap, no big dinner that generates undue pressure to create the perfect pumpkin place cards and such.

I love it. Everything about it. The creativity in costumes, the Great Pumpkin (which airs tomorrow night on Channel 9, BTW), the excitement in a kid’s face when they get a full-sized candy bar from their now-favorite neighbors.

But this year, like last, Halloween’s spookiness is being replaced with sogginess. And as much as we’d like to blame Larry Handley (and we’ve tried), it’s not his fault.

So let’s make the most of it with some ideas for costumes that work in rainy weather.

-Gorton’s Fisherman : Got a yellow raincoat, hat and boots? Add a box of fish sticks and you’re done.

-Morton Salt Gir l: perfect accompaniment to the Gorton’s fisherman. All you need is a yellow dress and shoes, an umbrella and a box of salt. You’ll appreciate that umbrella.

-Jellyfish : This can be extremely complicated and unwieldy, or just an umbrella with some curling ribbon and crepe paper hanging off the edge. Your call.

-Mary Poppins : The umbrella might not help you fly, but her magic bag will hold a lot of candy.

-Cute Spider : This one would be pretty easy to throw together, and the umbrella can be reused.

-Raining Cats and Dogs : This goes against my general disdain of pun costumes, But it’s so cute, I’m giving it a pass. You could also hang the animals from the umbrella, so none of the parts are ruined. Best part? The kid can wear anything else they want.

-Weatherman: You can throw this one together in ten minutes. All you need is a raincoat and umbrella, fancied up with craft supplies. Might be soggy by the end of the night, but they’re raindrops. Isn’t that the point? Extra credit if you include Ultimate Doppler 9.

Those are some options, and there are plenty more. So that’s why it unnerves me so when “kids” come to the house, trick-or-treating without a costume. Which brings me to another question: how old is too old to trick-or treat? Let us know what you think here . (Full disclosure: at 4’11,” I could get away with it longer than most. I may or may not have worn by high school marching band uniform one year).

Also, there are many local indoor trick-or-treating options if you want to stay warm and dry.

From Today’s GMTS:

-TP and Rotten Eggs, Anyone?: A woman in North Dakota says she will not hand out candy to trick-or-treaters she considers “obese.” Instead, they’ll get a letter telling their parents how terrible they are to let their kids go out and beg for candy.

There are so many issues with this. She’s a bully, jumping to conclusions that contribute to the shaming of our kids.  She’s also a terrible writer/punctuator/spellchecker and is clearly rude and uninformed. Doesn’t sound like the type of person who should be passing judgment on others.

She’ll get hers. And it will likely be in the form of rotten eggs and toilet paper. But that still won't help her craft a decent letter.

Today’s Distracting Link:

Animal lovers, this is for you. Wondering if the movie you’re about to watch is going to scar you emotionally because a pet dies? Check here to find out …

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