The Global Table: After traveling the world, Madeira man settles back at home and opens a taqueria

CINCINNATI - Each Thursday, our "Global Table" column explores the international side of Greater Cincinnati dining. Follow WCPO contributor, Grace Yek, as she talks to the chefs and owners of these dining spots about their food, culture and journey to the Tri-State.

Mazunte specializes in Mexican-style street food, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. The taqueria makes its own salsas and queso fresco (fresh cheese), and uses fresh herbs and vegetables in the food.Memalitas (alternatively spelled memelitas) have a place on the menu because Wamsley followed his nose, and discovered the scrumptious bites in the Oaxacan market one day. The memelitas at Mazunte are made with thicker corn tortillas, which embrace delicious morsels of meat, topped with black beans, salsa roja (red), salsa verde (green) and queso fresco.  

When Wamsley first tasted chicken enchiladas with coloradito (red) sauce at a friend’s party, he was hooked. The day he left Mexico, his friend handed him a folded note, detailing her grandmother’s recipe.

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