Need your fall flavor fix? Try these Cincinnati craft beers before the season runs out

Fall is finally here and that means its time for some special spicy beers from our local brewers.

For those of you who like everything pumpkin, there are plenty of ales made with that fall treat out there.

Stout fans should also rejoice as the falling temperatures mean your favorite libation is back with its malty goodness.

We polled all the local brewers and here is what they suggest you should pick up before the kegs run out:

Christian Moerlein : Christkindl – A Winter favorite for many Cincinnatians. CMBC describes this ale as “large malt-bodied with the essence of chocolate sweetness. The balanced hop finish creates a subtle spice flavor.” 6.95% ABV and 30 IBU



Listermann Brewing : 562 Lateral – This oatmeal sweet stout should please chocolate lovers. Tasters report enjoying a medium roast taste with a smooth oatmeal flavor. 5% ABV and 26 IBU



Triple Digit : Chickow! – This hazelnut double brown ale is not to be trifled with. Triple Digit says to expect notes of “vanilla, dark chocolate and some nuttiness.” Chickow! Should be medium- to full-bodied and finish “on the sweet side.” 10% ABV and 28 IBU



Rivertown Brewing : Pumpkin Ale – This seasonal ale is brewed with pumpkin, molasses and cinnamon along with fresh ground spices. Drinkers are urged to serve Pumpkin Ale at 55 degrees in a wide pub glass. 5% ABV




Blank Slate Brewing : Fork in the Road – The first beer in the brewery’s Traveling IPA series, Fork in the Road is described as “where darker malts and brighter hops meet.” The addition of Munich and CaraRed malts give the beer an amber color and it has a “bigger malt presence” than most IPAs. 6.8% ABV and 70 IBU



MadTree Brewing : The Great PumpCAN – This pumpkin spice ale should get fans of fall ready for football, feasts and more. Made with molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice; it has a well-balanced spiciness that finishes clean and smooth. 7.9% ABV and 18 IBU



Mt. Carmel Brewing : Harvest Ale – Mt. Carmel describes the Harvest Ale as a “full bodied and well balanced ESB (Extra Special Bitter) that delivers a distinct and memorable dry hop finish.” Our friend BrewProf says “It has a great dry hop finish that compliments a robust malt body. …  the 8% ABV makes it appropriate for much cooler weather.” 8% ABV 54 IBU



50 West Brewing : Sweet Potato Pie Ale – A new twist on the popular fall spiced-ale style. 50 West’s American Brown Ale is brewed with sweet potato, molasses, pecans, cinnamon and sage. It’s described as “earthy and sweet with caramel and spice.” 6.6% ABV and 30 IBU



Double Barrel : Old Abe Ale – Great for an after-dinner drink or something to warm you up during a cold tailgating session, Double Barrel’s American Strong Ale is not to be trifled with. Double Barrel describes it as a “four-grain, three hop recipe creates an unusually creamy but full bodied beer … it has a lactic berry malt aroma and the finish is slightly hoppy but very crisp. 10% ABV 94 IBU



Rhinegeist Brewing : Panther Porter – This porter is brewed with Maris Otter, black, crystal and chocolate malts to “provide robust yet supple milk chocolate darkness.” Fill a growler (pun intended) while you can. 6% ABV 35 IBU



Cellar Dweller : Pump“Kin” – Head brewer Steve Shaw says he used fresh, locally-grown pumpkin for this spice pumpkin ale. In fact, it made up 24 percet of the malt bill. It also has cinnamon, clove and nutmeg to be “just like a pumpkin pie.” 5.4% ABV 15 IBU



Great Crescent : Dark Lager – This beer is based on the very first commercially brewed beer in the state of Indiana. Tasting notes include a dark brown/red color with smell of caramel and toasted malts. Tasters report notes of bittersweet chocolate and coffee. Mouthfeel is medium with a medium amount of carbonation. 5.7% ABV and 22.7 IBU

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