Getting the most from the Taste: 9 tips for surviving and savoring Cincinnati's mega food festival

CINCINNATI - Thousands of people. Tons of food (literally). New noshes to try and old favorites to find. Never fear! You can get the most bang for your buck at the Taste of Cincinnati, thanks to Julie Niesen Gosdin of the local food and dining blog wine me, dine me.

Coming Soon: Julie's Taste of Cincinnati Survival Guide!

Julie says....

1. Map out your day: Some of your favorites may have moved, and there are new favorites that you don't even know about yet! Make a plan of attack by circling what you'd like, and do a full lap around Taste before you eat anything. Otherwise, you'll get a quarter of a block and already be full on a Zoomer and egg rolls (not that I've ever done that). There are maps available all around Taste for those of you who might like to step to the side and actually circle all of your favorites, and plot out a plan of attack. (link to Taste map)

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