Fishing for recipes: #9Fitness shares healthy seafood alternatives to weekly fish frys

CINCINNATI - Do you observe Lent? Maybe you gave up sweets or soda or your daily mocha latte. Maybe you resolved to be healthy and develop better habits in 40 days, while kicking the bad ones. Or maybe you’re just excited for the ever-popular fish fry season.

But let’s be frank: deep-fried cod can and will wreck your diet and hard work. You stay away from fried chicken; step away from the fried fish!

Lenten Fridays don’t necessarily have to be your cheat day. Read on for some of our favorite healthy seafood recipes to keep you satisfied and guilt-free during these 40 days of Lent.

1. Black Cod with Tropical Fruit . Have we mentioned how excited we are for spring? This dish will have you tasting warmer days, quite literally!

2. Grilled Halibut SarandeadoInstead of throwing your fish in deep-fry batter, throw it on the grill with flavorful spices. Try this mouth-watering grilled halibut.

            WATCH: How to grill fish

3. Grilled shrimp panzanellaWe know, we know: fish isn’t everyone’s cup of (green!) tea. And after a few Fridays, you might want to spice up your dinners. Try this grilled shrimp panzanella recipe, which incorporates Italian flavors in a low-cal way.

4. Seared Mahimahi with Edamame SuccotashI had Mahimahi for the first time while poolside in Hawaii and automatically associated it with the very best things in life. Go tropical this Lent with this delectable dish.

5. Smoky Spanish Salmon¡Que rico! Give your dish a Latin twist with flavorful dish.

6. Fish Tacos with Chipotle MayoI admit, I was a fish taco skeptic. Like many, I swore I’d never try this dish (why alter a good taco?!). Well, three guesses how that ended.  I’m a convert and a fish taco fanatic. This recipe is quick, easy--and bonus--healthy. The chipotle mayo is Greek yogurt-based, so zero guilt here!

7. SushiCincinnati loves sushi. You can try to deny it but, based on the abundant sushi restaurants and their rave reviews, your argument may not be totally valid. So what better way to observe Lenten Fridays than by heading out for sushi? Or, bring the sushi into your home with sushi lessons from local chefs

Seafoodies, unite – and share your favorite healthy seafood recipe with me on Twitter, @jennyfromthebak


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