Storm chaser Scott Sheppard recording on iPhone when hit by lightning

A storm chaser filming severe weather in South Dakota was struck by a bolt of cruel irony from Mother Nature on Tuesday when he was hit by lightning. 

According to SevereStudios Storm Chasers, Scott Sheppard was chasing a storm cell in Fairburn, South Dakota during a week of violent storms in the region , when a lightning strike hit his arm that was dangling outside the window.

The incident was caught on an iPhone. (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE )

The video begins with Sheppard pulling off to the side of the road to film a rainbow. After a few seconds of filming the naturally painted sky, a piercing crack is heard before the camera bolts upwards and a cloud of red dust and earth puffs up around him.

"The strike hit his arm and then traveled down to the ground and blew a hole in the pavement," SevereStudios wrote in the YouTube description for the video. "The lightning also disabled his vehicle and a passing car, both of which had to be towed."

Amazingly, Sheppard has a "sore arm but is otherwise OK."

It's possible that Sheppard's vehicle saved his life -- and it hasn't nothing to do with "rubber tires,"

Inside a metal vehicle (and not a convertible) "a person is shielded by the metal of the car and lightning would be safely conducted around the people inside," Dr. Richard Blakeslee and Dr. Monte Bateman wrote during a 2011 NASA chat. "This is (known) in physics as a 'Faraday cage.'"

As of Thursday afternoon, the video has viewed more than 480,000 times since being posted on May 27,

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