'Snuggle House' offers professional hugs and cuddles

MADISON, Wisc. -- A new business is aiming to make sure their customers feel loved—literally.

The Snuggle House , which offers professional cuddling and snuggling, officially opened its doors Tuesday.

Its owners say whether people admit it or not, everyone needs to be loved, cared for and experience physical contact.

Employees of the Madison, Wisc. business say they're paid to cuddle with clients. The business claims that cuddling lowers stress.

While there are some critics, the Snuggle House says nothing inappropriate happens inside the wholesome establishment.

"I want to be in love with the whole world. I want to be in love with every single person I meet," manager Hannah Rode said.

What's the cost of cuddling at the Snuggle House?  Customers pay $120 for a double-cuddle and $425 for an overnight session. (Mobile users:  http://bit.ly/ 16KWsRO )

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