Man saves squirrel: Phoenix repairman uses CPR to save drowning squirrel

PHOENIX - A pool repairman in Phoenix is credited with saving the life of a squirrel with CPR.  

According to CNN , Rick Gruber saw the squirrel drowning in a pool last month.

The repairman pulled the squirrel out of the pool and immediately started CPR.

Gruber initially began pushing on his stomach and chest to try to find his lungs to get him to breathe.  The animal moved after a few compressions and then Gruber placed it on a piece of PVC pipe to try to get the water out of his lungs.

Throughout the video Gruber rubbed the squirrels back as it regained strength to move again. Once the animal was breathing normally, Gruber placed it on his knee pad where the critter sat for a while before getting up and moving around.

The hour-long video captures the entire rescue. At the end of the video, the squirrel recovers from the drowning and is seen running off into the Arizona desert.

Gruber told CNN he has since been called the “Squirrel Whisperer”.

He said he would do CPR for anybody, “A rodent, a dog, a cat, anything.”

Watch the video here:

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