Delta's 'Totally Awesome '80s in-flight video packs tons of hilarious references to 'MTV Decade'

ATLANTA - Delta has raised the bar  on the already high standard the airline had set for in-flight safety videos, an odd-ball niche it apparently wants to own.

That makes sense. How else would you get 160 million people--the number Delta says  it flies a year--to pay attention to the safety presentation before every flight?

This time, they've released a cameo- and joke-packed "Totally Awesome '80s Safety Video ." 

One of those guest stars is Ravenna, Ohio native Gerald Casale  wearing--and then safely storing--the signature red "energy dome " of Akron-born new wave staple Devo . (If you're in the Rubber City, you can get your own Energy Dome by stopping here .)

See how many jokes and surprise guests you can spot in the video, which you can watch below or by clicking here .

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