Reviews: Cincinnati Christian Schools' students bring 'Spitfire Grill' to life on stage

Cappies student critics review CCS' production

Katie Georgopoulos

Ursuline Academy

This production excelled in multiple technical aspects as well. Scene changes in this production were very efficient, as the cast and crew aided in quietly switching the sets during songs. This allowed the show to progress smoothly, while not taking away from the moment on stage. Additionally, the sets added much to the overall production. The grill set was very realistic in style, closely resembling restaurants of the corresponding time period. Also, the trees excellently mirrored a real-life forest, especially the carefully painted leaves. This created the illusion of exploring an array of brilliantly hued autumn trees. 

Sidney Johnson

Taylor High School

Bryce Edmonston’s team helped bring this small town tale to life. Although there were a few timing errors with lighting, the stage crew did an excellent job of keeping the show moving at all times. The grill itself was well-designed and its details really gave it character. Of course, some of the most extraordinary pieces in the set were the trees. Their colorful leaves dazzled the audience and created the perfect image for the song “Shine.” 

Ellie Conniff

Highlands High School

The supporting actors of the production were equally as strong as the lead. Jenna VanWeelden stood out in the role of Shelby. "When Hope Goes" was one of the most touching songs of the show, in which Shelby sings about Hannah's son, Eli, who went missing in action in the Vietnam War. VanWeelden sang the song beautifully, bringing some to tears. Although the show does not originally include a chorus, the addition of the chorus added well to the show and made the scenes feel more believable and interesting. "Ice and Snow" was a great moment for the ensemble, where they shined just as much as the leads.

Abi Moore

Highlands High School

Supporting such a talented cast was equally as incredible as the crew. With quick and efficient scene changes, the stage crew did an impressive job. However, the set was the most incredible technical aspect. The hand painted leaves brightened the stage, and truly embodied a forest as its leaves turn into the roaring colors of red and orange. Although there were a few sound errors, the cast made up for it with notable melodies and harmonies. 

Abby Moreton

Mariemont High School

The small cast of “The Spitfire Grill” brought the show to life. Whether there was one character on stage or 15, every person was completely engaged. That paired with the variety the cast brought with the varying places of entrance, exit and placement kept the show lively and exciting. 

Greg Miller

Mt Notre Dame

The underlying themes of redemption and acceptance were beautifully portrayed in the production by a cast that appeared to deeply understand the motivations and themes associated with this work. The entirety of the company made this touching tale come to life with its fair share of tear-jerking and exciting moments. Interactions between characters were touching and personal, and large ensemble numbers were more than strong enough to carry the story along. 

Hunter Thiers

Mariemont High School

Katie Kulp played the role of Percy, and embodied everything that a strong female lead should be. Kulp did a wonderful job of using her body language to tell her story and show her emotions. She also did a great job presenting her witty lines, which showed the character’s courage and bravery. 

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